First Certificate

Here is the official teacher's handbook with sample essays and, more importantly, examples of the criteria for correcting them.

And here is the page for students:

and here are some more tests to try:

Online First Certificate

Vocabulary trainer

and here is a dictionary which lets you check your pronunciation

And finally here is a web page to help you prepare for the exam


You should write one essay of 150-180 words per week.
Please use the technique we talked about in class to organise your ideas.
If you want to find out more have a look in the links section of this Wiki.

Remember to focus on:

  • a clear structure: introduction, body , conclusion.
  • connecting words.
  • variety of language: use the online Cobuild Thesuarus
  • a variety of grammatical structures.
  • making it interesting and enjoyable for you and your reader!


  • Use at least two new words from Cobuild and tell us what you have learnt at the end of the essay
  • Use at least two new grammar points and explain to your colleagues what you have learnt at the end of the essay. You can use print screen to copy the page ,Impr Pa key on the top right of your keyboard, and then paste it at the bottom of your essay.
  • Comment on at least two things about your colleagues essays!


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